A little about us

Integro Consulting was created in 2021 during the aftermath of the pandemic Covid-19. The name Integro means start afresh, recreate & integrate in Latin. The goal was to have a new beginning and create a company in which everyone feels integrated and seen. There are three founders: Zeynab Habib, Therese Wennerström & Kamuran Ertekin, with over 15 years of experience from the automotive- & consultant industry. We have a completely flat organization for quick decision making, which gives us the opportunity to be more flexible and open to finding the best solution and as fast as possible.

We offer consultants, bought services and recruitment support to clients within various industries. Our areas of expertise are IT, R&D, HR, Finance, Purchasing & Logistics.

Our core values

The core of our business is the relationship and trust we build with our people; our employees and our customers. The flat organization that gives us the flexibility to always walk that extra mile to find the best solution, and most importantly to do it all with passion. To have fun at work that is what makes us successful.

We firmly believe that we as people are better together.

  • People

    Our whole way of working is based upon the people we meet. To see each individual. The core of everything we do, is done by building relationships between Integro management, our employees and clients. It’s of great importance to do the match correctly, in order to find the best suitable assignment, in which our consultants can grow and thrive. Our goal is to always have the right person in the right place at the right time. 

  • Passion

    We believe that the passion for what we do, is what makes us productive and successful. To have fun at work is key for all of us to be prosperous, happy & healthy. It’s therefore our mission to always make sure our employees are enjoying their workplace and assignments.

  • Flexibility

    As a consultant company and as an employer we want to be the kind of company that see no hinders but always the solutions. Nothing is impossible we have to be adaptable and listen to the need of others. As consultants, our employees also need to be flexible and adaptable, when on assignments meeting new teams and way of working. There are no set ways we can always make changes to better ourselves.

  • Trust

    It’s of great importance to be trusted and to have trust in the people we work with. Our clients should trust us to find them the best suitable candidate, and also trust that our consultants will do the best effort to succeed at work. As an employer we also need to be trusted to create the best possible workplace for our employees. All of our work should be done with integrity and honesty, so trust can be earned.